Monday, May 5, 2008

A long drive and a lovely extended weekend..

Wanted a little break before starting off on my new position in chennai..had come down to Mumbai to spend time with the family on an extended weekend...among other things, like salon with my mom, shopping and going out with little Rukku has has her vacations, one of the things we did was a long drive on the bombay-pune road and a stop over at pune...

The music slection is ofcourse very important in any drive and ofcourse the fact that it was 2nd of may was not an official holiday as such..Starting early we stopped at the drive-in at Khopoli, which serves some kick ass batata wadas and ofcourse some junka bhakri and some yummy Thalee peet( a bit like our south indian adais) with the dry peanut/garlic chutney..its worth the drive..i can safely say it was the best junka bhakar in town..

We stopped at the Dagdu sheth ganesh mandir..truly beautiful..and all its photos dont do juctice to the grandeur and beauty of the temple and its diety.

Rukku wanted to learn a bit about history so we showed her around shaniwar wada..inspite of the hot summer, the cool breeze was truly exhilarating as we sat under the shade of a huge tree at shaniwar wada...Had glasses of my favorite neera wherever we could find it..its another favorite summer drink for me :)

We packed our little lunch of idlis and tamarind rice, which we polished off at Saras baag under a shady we sat and relaxed watching picnicking families as most schools are closed for summer vacations...we drove back to bombay on a truly pleasurable drive..

nothing beats a little family trip and togetherness...

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