Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Flight travails

Another thing that has been hot and bothered these days is flights never keeping their schedule especially while landing in Bombay..whatever is the scheduled arrival, just add 60 minutes for luck and you will be right i.e. late by at least an hour..the usual wishy washy response from the captain would be air traffic congestion and that we are number 22 or so in the queue..

As a family my folks usually come to pick me late i have asked them not to do so..its just not worth the wait..being at the mercy of airlines who are always late!

One thing i seem to have immense luck with is, I usually end up with really loud people sitting next to me, or behind front of me is always some passenger who just decides to stretch his seat back as if it would turn into a bed...this is just a 1.5 hours flight..can one just be a little considerate ?

Oh and dont even get me started on babies....i think most mother/families with infants should be made to sit in a specific section or just made to pay higher...ok ok that may seem a little inconsiderate, but c'mon am returning home after a long day at work..and having a wailing infant, is surely not a huge pleasure...

Have u noticed people who just sit at your seat and then ask if you would like to sit at their seat ? like hello, i paid good money (ok ok not me, my company did) and i came in early to check in at get the window seat, so why mr. fat and bald guy should i re-arrange my seat so that u can sit with your buddy and speak loudly about world finance and politics on a flight full of passengers who would rather pay to keep you quiet ?

As u can see i have had too many flights recently and too little patience...

give me a train and an overnite journey anyway...its so much better...hmmmmmm

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