Friday, May 30, 2008

An interview I cannot forget..

After graduation like most of my friends I wrote the entrance exams for banking clerical level. Dont ask why, its just my middle class value at the back of my mind to hold on to a “secure job”. Banking and government jobs at one time used to be of high esteem.

Why clerical level?
Well selection criteria is even Non-Graduates.

I wrote this test like the rest of the other entrance exams. All my friends and people I knew didn’t get thro. Imagine my surprise that I passed. the tests!

Anyway, the day of the interview was the same day as my MBA entrance exam(CET-Common entrance Test). SO I rescheduled my interview from morning to afternoon.

I reach the venue in the afternoon. Hordes of candidates waiting in line for an interview. I waited three hours for my turn. Was one of the last 4 to be called.

Entering the room to find a panel of what seemed like retired personnel about 10 of them having chai and snacks and laughing loudly. Am asked to be seated and the interview begins

The first question was why didn’t I make it in the morning. I said, I had an entrance exams for post graduation studies. And that was it.

Every question was mocked with “oh, don’t ask her that. These are MBA” would be students”, and roaring laughter followed.

I somehow went thro this interview not knowing why I was putting up with this. Call it innocence or just lack of experience.

The interview was over in Half an hour. The oldies were still mocking. I knew I wasn’t selected. So yes it certainly hurt my ego to think, I couldn’t make it to even a clerical level exam.

If they had even said, “we think u might be overqualified for the job. I don’t think you should have applied”, or even if they said, “if you work with us and still continue college thro evening classes that will help u get ahead in banking ”perhaps I would not have left with such a bitter feeling about nationalized banks.

I swore I would never join any nationalized bank. Who would want such colleagues. Think Tommy Lee Jones and his alien colleagues in the Post Office scene in Men In Black II, get the picture ?

If one considers some of the Staff in Nationalised Banks, one would be really really surprised how they passed thro these stringent selection processes.

Am wondering if the tests and selection were just an eye wash...


vaidya said...

Reminds me of something similar I had with IIM-K... I traveled all the way to Chennai and was asked "how many calls" I told them 6 and right after that I was mocked...!
Needless to say, I didn't make it to K...

Deepa Subbaraman said...

Thanks for the comment Vaidya. Thats exactly what I cant figure out about this "mocking". If it was pre-decided at least we could have avoided the heart burn of sitting thro the mockery. Well things happen for a reason, am certainly happier not having made it thro that interview. Cheers, D

Agnes Oon said...

Hey Deepa,

I am impressed you definitely have a future as an author, since when you discovered that. Love to read more. Keep it up.

Agnes Oon

Deepa Subbaraman said...

Hey Agnes, thank you for your comments. Much appreciated.

Author or not, I not know, but one thing am sure of, i can surely put my thots on paper :) Hugs, D