Thursday, April 24, 2008

Airlines : Low cost carriers, other carriers and other flying related issues

The number of flights i took in the last week was quite a flux of various airlines...of the Low cost carriers, both Spice and Indigo were very NO fact they charge for water even on indigo..If u say low cost, it maybe say inr 500 less than the "others" on a comparison.

Have you noticed how there are these stores in the airport that sell ONLY the imported COke/Fanta etc..ever wondered why ? they dont have a single INdian product(other than the old sanwiches and samosas)..that too in the domestic airport..inr 70 for a fanta, and inr 60 for a dry sandwich..highway robbery! since we cant get in any liquids, one cannot get our reular priced water etc, since it would be thrown out at security check in, in the hand carry luggage..whatta money making racket!!

The flight fromBOM to KOL on 23rd was an IC 675. The flight was to take off 06:10 and guess what till 07:00 hours, we were still being checked in. The reason ? there was a system failure. The staff looks lethargic. Most look like they are doing you a favour. So many agitating passengers but of no avail. The duty manager reluctantly came in to meet the passengers after a good 30 minutes of heckling,. and on the side was Kingfisher. The staff is prim and proper. Agile and active. And also very efficient. Come to think of it, i lost out on the Kingfisher flight as most corporates we are on a cost saving spree. So tos ave inr 600, we have had 3 managers who were delayed. Our flights landed at 10:00 as opposed to 08:35..half a day ruined..was it worth the inr 600 ? i thnk the next time, i will just pay from my pocket.

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