Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kolkata .. Vishu and Poila Boishakh

This weekend i had very close friends who are more like family..While the stress at work and the goings on have certainly sapped me..the family visit was a welcome relief..

One of the first things they noticed is that Kolkata is not as we imagine it to be..its not dirty, or crowded or just plain uninhabitable..as is the perception...the wide roads at rajarhaat from the airport, pasisng thro the IT hubs is a sight in itself..while the flight lands, the lush greenery and the ponds/lakes in Kolkata...simply lovely..

Their little daughter had a list of places she wanted to see in Kolkata..victoria, howrah bridge, howrah station, botanical gardens..so and so forth..how cute :) We ofcourse did the typical Kol sights and sounds..right from Brunch at Flurrys, to dinner at Oh Kolkata...street markets of Gariahat, and of course biryani at Arsalan..Chinese dinner at Tangra...yummy..
They went to see dakshineshwar and were surprised at the serpentine queues....well it was poila boishakh after all..

But the scorching summers of Kolkata gets to anyone..thank god for air conditioning...no wait, doesnt that also add to global warming ? sigh...

As for me, new years was a very subtle affair..i was at work for a bit and thereon met my pals for lunch at Barbeque..(all the cult eating places at good old Park Street) the high ceilings, the old affable waiters and the general sights of the city passing by below..is simply relaxing..

Well i did miss my Vishu Kani, but thanks t a friend who send me an email with a picture, it was a good start to the year...

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