Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stye in the eye and other maladies

Well I was struck with a stye in my eye(after probably many years)..The eye was swollen, and painful, and smarting..Then started the various remedies and home help from good natured family members and friends :

  1. Garlic : yes garlic is supposed to add "heat" to any such boil and allow it to heal after it has been discharged. Trust me the garlic only burnt my skin more than anything else
  2. Black Thread : my best friend suggested to tie a black thread on the toe of the opposite foot, while my aunt suggested to tie a black thread on my wrist. I tried it both.
  3. Then came the sugegstion for warm compress which i did. Straight from the tava, warminga towel and placing on the eye.
  4. Some one suggested saliva. Yes. supposed to help to heal
  5. The other suggestion was taking two handfulls of salt and rotating over yourself, three times and then throwing it out. "removes the evil eye"

Well i was desperate and tried everything! and finally went to an eye doc, who suggested eyedrops and ointment, and ofcourse some warm compress. FInally it healed after giving me this headache, earache for 4-5 days..i must say, we take a few things for granted..just the eye swollen made me feel so bad about looking into the mirror. yes yes, i am a bit vain that way..but the pain was horrible..Finally all's well that ends well.

Am doing good, thanks :)

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