Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Flying the nest

While in India its not really common for kids to fly the nest after they say turn 18 like in the western world. So after spending about 23 years of my life with my folks, i think i first "flew the nest" when i was transferred on my job to Chennai as a trainee..

I still remember landing in Chennai and calling from a PCO phone brother said "Deepa its like someone died here. NO one is talking to each other" I realised how my folks were taking it. VERY badly. We are a very close knit family. Always there for each other. You can say i almost had a very protected life.

I was excited about a new city. New life. But the idea that my folks are so upset, only drove home the point that we haven't accepted this in our head yet.

After about 18 months in Chennai, i was transferred to Hong Kong. I do remember coming home on "home leave" during the 3 years I was in HKG..i used to be a little awkward about using the wardrobe, cupboards etc..And my mom sensed it(intuitive that she is) and asked me if i am feeling a bit awkward..She re-assurd me, this was, is and will always be your home. NO need to behave like a guest. Its kinda odd why i felt like that.

being repatriated back to India. i stayed at my parents home again. Got used to the idea.

And then Bangalore in 2005 end, and Kolkata in 2007-2008.

We are painting our home in Mumbai. One of the things that touched me most is my brother calling me up and asking me what should we paint our room :) OUR room used to always be called "pink room" because i used to fight and say i want it pink. And now i said paint it blue. And my brother asked me "don't u want pink ? " I think Blue is a nice shade.

The idea that there is still a place i call home, inspite of my gypsy wanderings, is truly a comfort. Home is where the heart is. Yes, A/4, Anand Nagar, will always be home to me.

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