Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Retail Therapy and summers

Ever wonder why shopping makes one feel good ? it seems like a girlie pass time am sure, am yet to hear a Man talk well about shopping...There are times i would walk from store to store and still not BUY anything. Just window shop. A sport perfected by women, and feared by men.

Buying a new lipstick, or gloss, or just a handbag(my latest fetish) and clothes that change per season.. I usually scourge during a sale and get some of the best bargains.. prefer buying stuff that looks luxe and doesn't really hurt that wallet that much.

Yes summer is here..time to get all the cottons out..Usually FAB INDIA has some good stuff..but usually after a few washes, the clothes start resembling dustcloth. Guess its not meant for wear and tear after all. Well a few classic shades of salwars(either Dhoti or Patiala), or Chudidars in Whites, beige, Black usually combine well for most Kurtis.

Biba also has a good collection of Cotton Kurtis. One of my favorite store is in Delhi and in Bom Jaipur Cottons. Some very delicate feminine cotton Kurtis goes well for formal or casual chick as well. The brand called JOLE which retails in Shoppers stop and i think also Lifestyle usually has a good collection. But there are times their embroidery just bleeds. I remember buying an expensive cotton set, which didn't have instructions to dry clean and the colours just ran. Anyway i have now salvaged that particular dress. JOLE do have some good patterns in cottons/linen which is worth a try.

Must also get my Cotton Sarees out..well starched and crisp. Super. Right from Kolkata cottons to south cotton and good old Sungadee.

Summer fragrances like Tommy Girl, DKNY, Clinique Happy Heart are light and subtle and certainly mood elevators.

And of course open toe sandals, and bumble bee type sunglasses(remember Jackie O) are just good stuff to have in scorching Indian Summers.

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