Monday, March 3, 2008

Cool things i have done ?

Was thinking over the weekend to make a list of "Cool things" that i have done(Ys feel good lists are the best)

1) Passing out with with flying colurs in my post grad *cough*

2) Rescued stray animals. Even nursed some knowing they would die. Oh yes, there was also a bat that strayed into the house *on another note, i do remember having a lot of good luck thereafter*

3) Abseiling : have now done this at least 4 times. Every time, i think i wont do it again!!!

4) Dived from a 14 foot diving board into a swimming pool. I cant swim.

5) Walked on fire. ok ok walked on coals actually, which started as a fire. was cool! gives you an "I am invincible feeling"

6) Living on my own. Was very difficult at first owing to a very protective childhood/home.

7) Winning elections at school and college * i knew i have the makings of a politician *

8) Stood up for my colleagues even at the risk of getting a back lash. The issue was a form of sexual harassment that a few people had confided in me. Must say, it felt very good for setting it right. Also stood up for Bullying and helped colleague get over the fear of a "Bully Boss"

9) The recent cool thing was when one of my team members really improved n a period of 3 months. I didnt need to motivate the person . i just needed to STOP demotivating!

10) On winning a prize in a competition, a person, said that "someone else deserved it". I took the challenge and won the same prize for 3 years in a row * eat this * what can i say, i'm a nice girl untill i'm provoked*

11) The most recent one was for my domestic help. She was being overworked by neighbours(worked for 5 hours at the same price as she did for 2 hours that she worked with mer). I helped her see that she could probably earn more by doing smaller jobs in two-three places and opposed to this place. The neighours were angry that they lost such cheap labour. They retalisted by complaining to the building management that the maid should NOT be allowed in the building. Writing a counter letter to the buiding mangement, I had mentioned that I have no reason to mistrust her integrity and that she be "allowed in the building". Gave her a raise and best of all courage that she is indeed within her rights, to ask for shorter working hours.

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