Saturday, March 8, 2008


Have always had a liking for incenses and essential oils. Whether each one is a mood developer or not, cannot be proved, but it certainly makes me feel good.

My perennial favorite are the essential oils from Blossom Kochar or those one finds in Health and flow. Affordable and quite “pure”. love burning oils like citronella/lemon grass mix(for a Zen Spa like ambience), or just a Geranium, or a Ylang Ylang simply superb.

As for incense sticks, cones, I prefer the Auroville Range- The Simply Auroville Store in Chennai, Khadar Nawaz Khan road is my favorite place.

Their Maroma range incense cones/sticks are super. 'Into the Night', “Sand dunes” Rose, and the longer sticks(with 2 ½ hours bruning time) I prefer the Surya Rose.

The Veda range has longer incense cones : The Veda cones come in the 5 fragrances of the Vedas: Aditi, Agni, Amritam, Swar, and Usha. Each cone box contains 10 incense cones with a star shaped cone burner. I prefer the Agni and Usha range.

Encens d'Auroville Perfume Sachets softly exude all the varied fragrant moods of nature. Gentle, subtle, or quietly exuberant, they can be used almost anywhere, in little corners, on shelves or between linens. Use them as personal memo under a pillow, in suitcases or tucked inside a greeting card. These little treasures are blended with natural essential oils that are infused into fine sandalwood powder then packaged in handmade paper pouches.
I usually keep them in my closet or in my suitcases..super J

The Auroville website is as follows :

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