Monday, March 3, 2008

Fondest childhood Memories.

Was reminiscing about my fondest childhood Memories.

  1. One of mine would be visits to my grandparents in Chennai during holidays. Waking up at 05:30 in the morning, and cycling with my grandpa. We used to reach marina beach and watch the sun rise.
    There is nothing more beautiful than sunrise. the waves, the sea gulls, the fishing nets, the little crabs running all over..was very happy times.
    Then breakfast at Ratna cafe. Idli sambhar and coffee. Very quaint, very affordable. It is my happy place
  2. Then there is Lions Garden in Santacruz where my mom used to take me and my brother in the evenings. We used to get into this Air India aeroplane model and always yearn to fly. Its another thing that being so close to the airport, we could. actually read the names of the airlines as they flew so close. My brother liked channa while I flavoured peanuts. We were probably the only kids who used to say say “NO” when some balloon vendor or the other tried to sell us his wares. Smart kids :)
  3. I have one that involves my grandma..and that is dancing to the tune of "nirma washing powder" on was really cute. It used to apparently play at 07:30 every morning and we both used to come from which ever place we were to dance to this jingle..[am getting senti writing i miss her..]
  4. The first day at Kindergarden I do remember parts of it yes. And some of the memories are my grandma dropping me to school. The first day at school all the kids were crying. I was just one of those kids, who used to comfort the other kids saying don’t cry your mom will come to pick you up” :-) I used to cry n weekends that I want to go to school My mother used to take me there(Rose Buds Kindergarden) and ask the gate security to tell me that the school is indeed closed :-)
  5. Vacations : Some of the best ones were when i used to write long letters to my class mate Shilpi Sinha(i was in chennai on holiday and she in jamshedpur) It was fun...i think the chennai heat wasnt so unbearable then...In fact i used to long for the ice candy in the afternoon..superb candy..Then there was diwali holidays, which was most fun in chennai due to the endless amount of ‘pataas”(firecrackers) Strange how diwali is no longer as much fun...
  6. More grandma stories : I used to be quite "padips"(read nerdy) at school/college etc.. my granny tried to tell me that i shd also learn housework..she said they used to do that as a kid.. I said," onga time le elocution competition laam irrikale."(I said you never had elocution contests in your time) she asked me what it was. I said "speech laam kudukanam"(I said one needs to prepare a speech and deliver in front of the whole school)

She started " Dear Friends, on the occassion of Mother DAy, we would like to give our sincerest wishes...etc etc etc" and narrated a full speech she gave during her convent School MOTHER's DAY..she must have been 10 years old then. I was shocked and humbled that she remembered her speech even after so many years.. a lesson learnt..i can never forget that

Gosh such nostalgia..

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