Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekends, home beauty remedies

Well it was a lovely weekend. Relaxed. My weekend usually means some hair pack and some face back and chatting with friends.

Some home made beauty remedies. Of the things that really gets neglected is hair. With travel, hard water etc etc my hair is usually a mess and ends up falling a lot.

  1. A good oil massage. Take a mixture of castor oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. Warm in a cheenchatt(small wok)i, or irumbu karandee(iron Spoon) add 4-5 camphor tablets and close. The camphor melts in the oil and the aroma tells you the oil is ready. use a cotton and dab in every parting of the hair. Let the scalp feel it. Then massage gently. Cover the head with a shower cap, or even cling film. After half an hour or so, wash off.
  2. Curd/Lemon/Egg/Butter : I know some people are averse to eggs. then just use the curd and lemon mix. Add a spoon of home made butter and apply to the hair and scalp. This is one of the best conditioners. When hair is washed you can actually see the light reflects on the hair. Quite effective.
  3. Hairloss also happens due to excessive body heat so its important to stay cool. two ingredients that work : Methi seeds(vendiyam), and Henna(Maradani) Soak some methi over night and grind to a paste. Add on hair and scalp. Wash off after half and hour. This really works. Ensure to rinse thoroughly tho.
    Henna, should be made paste with avala powder and some of the Thali podi from a kerala store or even Meera herbal Avala powder types. Wash off after an hour.
  4. For face the thing that works : A paste of Besan(gram flour) and raw turmeric(kasturi manjal) works. Why i even did it this morning. And nothing works better than Besan.
  5. Do try the Kerala Ayurveda's Neelibringadee oil. Very very cool and calming. Also arrests hair loss and is a sure fire cure for insomnia.

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vaidya said...

Didn't know you blogged...
and you seem pretty regular with it too...awesome..!