Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Yes, its another 3rd april, and another birthday..I must say this year it just feels so much more optimistic..i think i know why :)

I was in chennai for two days prior..spent the earlier evening with good friends with dinner at Murugan Idli kadhai.i would give them the award of the worlds best yummy..the variety of chutneys and the podi..yummy in the tummy :)

The next day was the 3rd..First of all, the day started with the red eye flight from chennai, waking at 03:45 for a flight of 05:50. reached Kolkata in time to get to work..So many wishes, and greetings..i took my team out for some happy hour drinks and of course dancing..Well like one of my friends said, so where will you be the next birthday ? i said Chennai i hope :)

Yes, now i would certainly like to settle in one city. Tired of being a vagabond..It was a good birthday evening...

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