Friday, December 12, 2008

Retirement age in politics?

Ever thought about how come only OLDER/retired politicos are running a country that has 500 million youth under the age of 25? Who can forget photos and video clips of our aged politicians being caught, yawning, sleeping/dozing in meetings, or stumbling/falling and being helped to even walk…

It is common knowledge that our tax money is used not only for Z category security for them, but also for sending them and their family overseas for medical treatment ?? WT**.

Do politicians have no retirement age? Why?

1. Uttaranchal’s Narain Dutt Tiwari no longer appears to be able to cope with the rigours of the job. There were tales galore in government circles about how the septuagenarian finds it hard to keep awake during official meetings, and how his attention span has shrunk so much that he forgets the names of his aides, a la former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Ram Prakash Gupta.

Some time ago senior central government officers attending a meeting presided over by Tiwari were aghast to find the CM dozing off in mid-sentence.

2. Underlining the need for changing the image of the "ugly Indian politician", senior BJP leader L K Advani on Tuesday said one way of making this possible was by encouraging more young people to join politics.

"I tell my fellow politicians, particularly those belonging to my own party, that it is our duty to erase this image of the 'ugly Indian politician' is necessary for the best and the brightest among the youth to join politics and serve the nation," Advani said.

He was speaking at a seminar on "National Values Crisis and its Redressal" organised by the Foundation for Restoration of National Values.

The 81-year-old leader cited Transparency International's annual reports where India ranks high in the corruption index and the United Nations report in which India ranks low in the Human Development Index. He held responsible the lack of professionalism among politicians as the reason for this state of affairs.

3. In Tamil Nadu M.K. Stalin is the youthful face of the DMK, the leader of the youth wing, who recently became a grandfather! But then, there’s no contradiction here because by the standards of Indian politics, Stalin at 53 is a young man … look at the any political party and it the same story, the men and women leading India’s march in the 21st century are all getting on in the years.

These old warriors are the ones who are taking decisions that will decide the fate of young India. If sometimes, we bemoan the slow pace of reforms …the archaic nature of politics in this country please remember that the people who still define policy here grew up in another age and by the looks of things there is no room for the younger lot yet. (Excerpt from

4. Assam: Gogoi turns 74, contemplates retirement : On the occasion of his 74th birthday, Assam CM Tarun Gogoi, in a statement said that he is under intense pressure from his family to retire from politics. He believes the younger generation has great potential and should join politics.. KUDOS!

5. Remember A-Chutanandan? The CM of kerala who can barely walk on his own ? Kerala Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan, who turned 85 last month, was caught napping on three occasions while he was briefing the media after the weekly cabinet meeting here Wednesday. Achuthanandan dozed off thrice while reading out the cabinet decisions during the press briefing.
On two occasions his personal assistant came on to the dias and Achuthanandan woke up and once again started reading his notes.

Achuthanandan was woken up from his slumber for the third time when a journalist asked him a question.
Sensing that he had been caught napping, Achuthanandan said: “I am stopping in between (my speech) so that all of you can write properly.”

Really ?? How funny.

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girish said...

no need to get retired from politics , if politicians never force their family members to politics, or the family members force their father/mother to project after them that itself make a huge change in perfect government.

Darmawan said...

I think politicians can still hold their positions as long as their physical condition still support them
We still need them because of their vast experience which is seldom to be found on younger generation

Deepa Subbaraman said...

Thanks Girish and Darmawan. NO doubt older politcians have the experience, But their power struggle to be in position, when they can barely walk/sit thro meeting or take active part in running of the Country.

Not being E savvy, not beinga ble to travel overseas for collaborations. The only way they travel overseas is for medical treatment and that too at the cost of our Tax money!