Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dentists and the like...

Ever notice how dentists drag on a process over three or four sittings ? My mother recently had a searing pain in her wisdom tooth and after checking with JUST DIAL(or ASk me services) we came across a local dentist near my place(off St. Marys road) We walked in and the dentist suggested extraction or Root canal treatment. We decided on Root CANAL(RC) .

The treatment started. My mother from what i know her is very brave and has a high threshold of pain, but at that moment i could hear her whimpering..i ran in to see what was the problem and see that the dentist was consoling her saying it will hurt a little..like WHAT! i knew something was not right. When we left the dentist it was still hurting all the way home..

My mom came home only to whimper and decide to sleep..i couldnt take it. have seen her go thro RC even earlier and it never hurt her like this..

First of all i don't know if it should hurt as much, and second of all, the dentists response(altho she seemed empathetic)  seemed like a response i couldn't deal with.  Any dental treatment these days shouldn't/doesn't hurt. They have their share of numbing injections and the like, so whats the excuse.. 

I called the number on the card again and this time the head dentist answered. He asked us to come back to the dispensary to look at the tooth again. We went back and thankfully he re-did the RC and this time with NO pain. 

yes yes, it does take 3 sittings or so(including the cap) but it surely didn't hurt thereafter.

All I can say is, don't just bear the pain if the dentist says its normal. Cause it isn't! And it only proves that the earlier dentist didn't know their job that well..

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