Friday, September 28, 2012

Whole Wheat Chapatis - Sheer wholesome goodness

My parents have followed a policy ever since I was a kid - if I was a little reluctant to eat something, they would make me taste it/try it at least once and then leave me to get addicted to the goodness of the food item(example beans, which I used to hate at one point). Basically, I  HAD to try it once, before I decide I dont want it.

Nothings' changed even today. My parents propagate good eating habits, and are keen promoters of whole grain foods. They would even today buy whole wheat grains and get it ground to flour at the local flour mill. 

Me? I buy the branded versions that call themselves wholewheat and wonder why it never tastes like my mom's phulkas. My mom would keep reminding me that getting wheat ground is the way to go, and that I should try it. I always made my excuses and kept buying the "blessing" brand and the "Dough boy" brand as well.

This september, my father visited us in Bangalore and brought with him some ground whole wheat from Mumbai.. I made the chapatis/rotis with this flour and I am addicted! The rotis/chapatis/phulkas are so soft. They fluff up beautifullly on being roasted on the fire. And are so tasty, that it can be eaten without any accompaniment! The ghee just melts on it and its good to go!

Mommy does know best!

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