Monday, September 3, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning on my Computer : Cleared my computer of old songs/photos/programs I never used/listen to and got 15GB space and much better speed. *Super happy*

Spring cleaning on old email ids like Yahoomail and Gmail, found some old emails that were still floating like usual "snopes candidate rumours", the "COKE can wash the toilets" email, the "send this to 7 people email", the darwin awards, and so on..

Also earlier last week, did some spring cleaning on FaceBook. Cleaned out- some "friends" - I have no idea who they are, Never met them nor interacted(the ones with 4 mutual pals where one feel pressurised to accept the "request"), "gaming contacts", "Likes"/pages on FB that I didnt even know I liked/or why. One of them that I "Unliked" was Dr. Manmohan Singh! Sir, you did not survive the spring cleaning...All others can heave a sigh of relief!

Spring Cleaning at home : Cleared out a huge bagful of accessories, junk and stuff that I haven't used recently and wont be using again. The domestic help went home thrilled!

And of course some discarding/organising/sorting of clothes and I have a whole SHELF empty in my wardrobe, yes a whole SHELF! Happy and decluttered. Here's my Martha Stewart moment, as I get some drawer organisers (thanks to Howard's Storage Solutions)

My next target is to clear out atleast one more drawer, this month! De-cluttering is bliss..

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