Sunday, September 23, 2012


We went to watch Barfi this Saturday with mixed feelings. We all have friends whose opinions about a movie, usually match your own,and then there is the general mass hysteria of opinions leaning one way or the other from a popular/recent movie. Movie reviews didn't help much either. We decided to watch it anyway and it was totally worth the decision!

The love between a deaf mute protagonist and an autistic girl is a story well told. They could have well been people with normal motor skills and still the love story could make sense. The locales, scenery are just breathtaking. Darjeeling looks so beautiful - that we made a quick note to self "Must make Darjeeling one my next vacation". The colours, the greenery, the subliminal messages(Charlie Chaplin cutout, during the Chaplinesque run from the police) and cheeky but clever brand placements(Murphy, Goodriche), were things one will remember. 

Every shot, every frame seem to have been composed with a great deal of thought -such beautiful cinematography. 

The Characters stay with you long after the movie. It reminded me a little of the 1984, award winning Tamizh movie starring Pratap Pothan and Radhika - Meendum Oru Kaadhal Kathai (a love story between a mentally unwell couple)

Thankfully Barfi was not all preachy like say a Taare Zameen Par, which had movie goers in tears for most scenes! 

I especially loved the simple logic of - "Love something? Go get it". Awesome and bold, to show a woman leaving her loveless marriage to a controlling husband for a beau. 

I love movies where not everything is explained and a lot is left for the viewer to interpret. Its intelligent, and creative - a bit like reading a book, leaving a lot to imagination. Barfi is must watch, at least once..

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