Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Real Life heroes

Ever think of people who have inspired you..people from real life..? well i have a few unsung heroes in my life who i find quite inspirational.

1. My paternal grandpa, a Gandhian, and a strict disciplinarian..has travelled in Europe in those days with his hand loom business. Since he "travelled the seven seas" some vadhyars(priests) refused to come to our house to do rituals. He firmly believed in educating sons an daughters and "allowing" them to work and stand on their own feet. After his passing, we never approached the Govt for any freedom fighter-benefits, since he did this ONLY as service not for benefits. He passed away before my folks were married, so i never got to interact with him..

2. My Maternal Grandpa is one of the most generous people i know. If he ever had a rupee he wouldn't falter before giving away half of it to someone one can leave our household without having lunch/dinner. He used to be in the trade union in those days..somehow he didn't use it the way unions are are misused these days, Hence he lived in poverty and with ideals..

3. My maternal grandma is a lady born in luxury and still supported my grandfathers idealistic ways. A superb mother and grandmother. Never once will you have heard her complain about her lifestyle. She could adjust to any situation. Her patience is legendary. She used to be a Super cook..when i was posted i Chennai..she used to pamper me more than my mom Gosh i miss her..

4. Manda- is our ex domestic help in Mumbai/she was widowed at the age of 18 and had a young baby..doing housework she has fended for her son ..truly a survivor.

Am usually awestruck by ordinary people with extra ordinary strength and spirit..kudos..There are so many stories to be inspired from friends, relatives, family..its one Great Grandpa who completed his B.A. degree by reading under the street light, ....just thot so many heroes in and around us to inspire..every day a new unsung hero emerges among us...

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