Thursday, February 28, 2008

If you could ask God one question...

Someone once asked, If you could ask God/Goddess one question...what would it be?

Well i don't just have one question and had quite a few..inquisitive as i am :)

1) Is there life after death?

2) How do you manage to hear and answer everyone's prayers some even contradictory to the other

3) What language do YOU speak ?? * we believe Sanskrit is the language of Gods* I have myself prayed in English/Tamil and it has been answered. Hence the query.
4) Why do YOU allow someone to commit a crime/accident. Can YOU control it, if yes then why can't these be stopped ?

5) Why didn't YOU allow human beings to fly.
6) Are YOU really omniscient and omnipotent ?

7) Are you really in the temple ?? and if yes, do you like the Ahishekam??

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