Friday, February 15, 2008

Indian Salon Sagas

Visits to Salons and other places that are supposed to make one feel good- Have u noticed how everytime one is getting a facial or even a pedicure, there are these salons “help” who inundate you with various queries :

The first question usually is where do u usually go? This is probably to diss other salons.

Why don’t u try a manicure
“Try our skin products, or you will look like hag without them “
Why don’t you try oil conditioning. Why don’t u do something about under eye dark circles” etc etc Your hair is so dry, your skin looks pale, your so and so looks tired etc etc”
The last question usually is “When will you be back ? can we book an appointment for you “ this is a ploy to ensure we clearly NET the golden goose.

All this from STAFF that seem to have NEVER used their own salon products. The staff has cracked feet, frizzy hair, and skin with breakouts. Its hardly a walking advertisement for the Salon/Beauty centre in the first place.

My usual responses would be,
“if I was perfect, I wouldn’t come here. You Also seem to have frizzy hair, does it not work for you either??“
“if I need something I will ask. I would prefer that you don’t over sell to me.”
“I am here to relax and would prefer to do this in silence”
“I would like to speak with the manager”

It usually works. Its not like the salon staff is not aware about how they are trying to a fast buck by feasting on peoples insecurities.

One of the biggest insecurity one would have would be based on looks. What with the media/advertising showing how ONLY good looking people can find mates, be successful or be happy.

So why do I go to a salon? Actually it was to have some peace and quiet. Relax. Read a magazine while my feet start looking better, or while my neck and shoulder gets a massage or get my hair conditioned. Yes, I do indulge in a monthly pampering treatment. More because it makes me feel good.

Now, coming back to the Salons that try to oversell everything be in one of the BIG beauty centres like Lakme, VLCC or even a Kaya Skin clinic. I wonder if they have a target per customer—“She must not spend anything less than say 1000 rupees at one time.” Lets just squeeze them for everything they have. Does the staff work on commissions ? Perhaps. Not their fault. Its not like these services are cheap in the first place.
During one of her visits to a salon, friend mentioned how this salon staff asked her innumerable questions. “Do you oil your hair” ” do you condition it, etc etc”? Her answer for everything was yes. She said it worked to keep the staff quiet since he probably thought “ looks like nothing is working”! :)

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