Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So who is the actual Target Audience ?

Have seen some advertisements recently on the telly and wonder to myself..who are they actually targeting ?

  • Wheel advt : The one with the Paseena Roko Andolan or some such. Which incidentally has a disclaimer which says its only for creative expression and such an organization doesn’t exist. Ofcourse it doesn’t. The advt is just too annoying. There are bunch of stereotype women with searchlight bindis and pale sarees putting husbands in jail because their wives are sweating while washing clothes. They finally get dumbfounded by a wife (with an excessive fan in the background) who looks cool because her husband has bought Wheel something washing powder. .WOT?
  • The Clinic Family Sachet : A Family of three. Husband wife and daughter in a bus. A bunch of school boys are getting down at the stop. While the mother grabs one of the boys and tries to keep him with them, to add to the number 4 in their family of 3. Why ? The clinic sachet is now in a family pack of 4. This advt also has a disclaimer that it was not meant to hurt any sentiment. Now really!
  • The Pears advt : When the little girl runs as soon as she wakes up to see her mothers face(who uses Pears) The kid says, “its my exam today, and your face is lucky for me” Whatever happened to good old fashioned STUDYING during exams? And why involve kids into superstitions?
  • The Big Bazaar Clothes advt : C’mon Dhoni, what’s with the “Kapdon se hee Pehchaan hotee hai” or similar tag line…Wot ?

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