Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SO what all are necessary when one moves to a new city/location

For me one of the things that really helps is the JUST DIAL or the ask me services. I am a fan. Right from getting the phone number of the electricity department(to complain regarding power cuts) to local home delivery restaurants, its just what a new comer in a city/location needs

  • Some of the immediate requirements if you are any thing of a TV buff like me would be a cable connection. Am tired of these set top box cable mafias and not being able to use the set top box when u have on the suggestion of a friend taken on TATA SKY and must say I am indeed very happy. Its very convenient to pay, to order and even the setting up was very professional.
  • Internet. Here TATA INDICOm is one of the worst. They just couldn’t care to even respond other than their auto message with the refernce number after which there is ZERO follow up. Airtel just makes it too pricey saying there aren’t enough customers in the builing. What next-do we have to start selling actively to neighbours and residents ? Looks like that’s the idea. So this time its BSNL which might just work out.
  • Salons/Spas. Again if u are anything as indulgent as I am, this is a must have J Its how I spend the rest of my weekends, relaxing. Thankfully found one in the next am quite happy with their clean d├ęcor and sanitized environment.
  • Ofcourse details on services of drivers and maid etc also availed thro Just dial.
  • The most difficult is Gas connection. Now if I have to change my ration card to every city I am transferred to, how is that even possible ? this is another racket wherein if one needs a Gas connection it ONLY with the GAS stove(they make their money on the very substandard GAS Stove that one needs to pay for with the gas connection. Thank god for friends who can spare a gas cylinder. Only hoping more and more apartments start initiating piped gas. Would be so much better for constant transferring people like myself.
  • Oh yes and details of nearby departmental stores and veggie markets..

    Its surely a good trend that more and more businesses are giving their contact details to services like just dial/ask me services so its easier tot get info on an SMS or an email. The flip side, one starts getting random messages from some “Abdullah massage wallah with 12 massages”, or from some “Panorama Biryani Place” just because I had asked for details of spa and or eating places…

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