Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spice trail in Goa : Sahakari Spice farm Ponda

Of the run of the mill Beach and bar visits in Goa, we decided to try something new this time. While we visited the St. Francis church in Old Goa, we went on to the Sahakari Spice farm, in Ponda.

Betel nut palms

Small brooks and rivulets run thro the farm

Naturally growing creepers on large trees
The read coffee seeds

Bananas always make me happy

The betel tree and how to check its age - by the lines on the tree

Little bridges over the water ways in the farm.. So Quaint yet sturdy..

 So thats what Nutmeg looks like

 My other tea favourite, lemon grass

Thats money plants which is growing into gigantic leaves on this tree

The Vanilla beautiful. Its an orchid
 Green peppers..look so beautiful

Well thats the tree most people would like, the Cocoa !

 The Cardamom flowers

The yummy lunch served in earthen pots and the coconut shell serving spoons..

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